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Mariana Atencio is proudly Venezuelan and also incredibly proud of the career she’s been able to build since deciding to flee the country in 2008.

“Being born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela I witnessed how the country’s free media outlets progressively disappeared or were shut down,” explains Atencio. “I knew that I would have to flee to be able to talk freely about the stories that needed to be told, because everyone has the right to share their story without censorship.”

After graduating Columbia University Graduate School for Journalism, Atencio dedicated her energy to making her stay in the US an impactful one, full of storytelling. The MSNBC and NBC News reporter also held roles at Latinx-driven platforms like Univision and Fusion TV. Now, in her forthcoming book, she’s using her own story as a platform to amplify conversations around the first-generation and immigrant experience.


Mariana Atencio

“I left South America to the United States in search of a new life, in search of my American Dream of being a journalist,” shares Atencio. “In Perfectly You I share my hardships, lessons, fears and achievements hoping to inspire the readers on their own personal journey. The book is not really about me, rather it is a roadmap for you to discover that gift you have to give back to the world.”

While Atencio has been growing her career for over 10 years now, she knows how nerve-wracking it can be to be Latina and working your way up.

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